Brief Introduction


Journal of Meteorological Sciences       

            Sponsored by Jiangsu Meteorological Society, co-founded by four organizations including Jiangsu Meteorological Bureau, School of Atmosphere Sciences of Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and Institute of Meteorology,PLA University of Science and Technology, Journal of Meteorological Sciences started its first publication in 1980 as an academic bimonthly periodical domestic and international public. Over the past years, it has honored much. In 1992, it was confirmed as “the core periodical of Natural Science in China”; in 1998,it was honored as “the statistical source journal for Chinese scientific and technical paper”; in 2000, “Chinese science citation database”has been conferred; in 2005,it became”core periodical”of CMA.

            In recent years, Journal of Meteorological Sciences has been included by CAJ-CD, CNKI, Wangfangdata, cqvip and CEPS. It consists of scientific articles, short contributions, technical reports and reviews of all branches in meteorological science. With the aim of advancing Chinese meteorological science to a new height, members of Journal of Meteorological Sciences try to contribute more and will contribute more.